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Our Company offers high-professional legal consultations of the most experienced lawyers, who work in  four languages - English, German, Russian and Armenian - in all legal areas such as: commercial and trade law; corporate and contract law; bankruptcy; ownership, tenancy and construction law; investment; the internet and advanced technology; intellectual property law; administrative and criminal law in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan for all legal entities and individuals without exclusion. We are also happy to provide written consultations in the sphere of national law of almost every European country, as well as the USA, Brazil, South Africa, China and Korea.

A special feature of providing legal consultations by our lawyers is the ability to see the problem of substance, and not superficially, commensurate it with adverse circumstances and possible negative consequences, to assess the feasibility of certain steps both in terms of reputation, financial and economic, to identify the most sensitive to the customer points relevant to the application of the results of consultations, and to orient it on the shortest and most effective way to achieve the desired purpose.

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