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Since the first days of its existence our Company has been actively representing the interests of its customers in all Russian, foreign and international courts, namely the courts of general jurisdiction, the state arbitration courts, courts for intellectual property rights, and international arbitration courts.

We do business of all categories, representing the interests of all legal entities and individuals both against both private companies and government agencies. Our lawyers have had a lot of high-profile trials and over the years of the Company’s work in most cases they have won. First of all, it is stipulated by a thorough preparation to each court hearing, regardless of the category of case, amount of claim, complexity, customer's personality, etc., both in terms of legal and documentary point of view. No wonder they say that the judicial process, and, in particular, in Russia, it is primarily a competition of documents and materials. In addition, our lawyers skillfully use any legal gaps in the legislation and their experience not only from the standpoint of preparation and conduct of judicial proceedings on the merits, but also their duration, which is often the deciding factor for the customer.

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