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One of the most important aspects of our law firm is to support our clients’ business in the field of

labour law. An important basis for the successful development of business is the employees. . HR policy,

legal support of the company when hiring and dismissing, development of working duties, various

agreements with employees should be in full compliance with the applicable law. This is impossible

without highly qualified legal assistance.

Since the beginning of our activities, we have been actively engaged in labour law, labour safety, safety,

fire safety issues, etc. We advise our clients on how to settle a conflict situation with a particular

employee, how to get rid of an unqualified, lazy employee or an employee that just harms the client’s

business, etc. Taking into account the position of the courts protecting employees under the same

conditions, labour disputes can be extremely complex and end with an unexpected result. That is why it

is extremely important to assess the situation correctly in advance, so that the client does not have to

bear unnecessary costs and time offering the client the right way.

Moreover, our lawyers can take part in the negotiations for amicable settlement of disputes.

Employees themselves often apply to us, complaining of unfair employer’s attitude that ignores their

legitimate demands. Eliminating conflict of interest, we, of course, render them all the possible legal


Interesting cases are those, when the practice of labour law is intertwined with administrative and

criminal-legal aspects. So, in case of a labour accident, violations of an administrative nature and often

signs of a criminal offense on the part of the enterprise top-managers can be identified as a result of

checking the enterprise activity. Such cases are very complex, requiring a division of responsibilities and,

accordingly, parallel analysis of different areas of law. Our lawyers are able to successfully cope with

these situations and settle difficult conflicts.

We are always happy to support our clients in all the contentious issues related to labour relations.

and many others.
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