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Robert Schulze

Robert Schulze was born in Germany. He graduated from the University of Cologne, specialized in Jurisprudence. 


In 1984, Mr. Schulze received the status of the lawyer at the Cologne Chamber of Lawyers (Germany) and became a member of the German Bar Association. In the same year, Schulze Law Firm was founded in the German city Düren. 


Schulze Company acquired the international status in 1989, when the Union of Companies, providing liability insurance, accident insurance, car insurance, and insurance for the purpose of providing legal protection (HUK-Verband) instructed Robert Schulze to negotiate with the Government of Poland. It was necessary to find out whether there were legal preconditions for the return of cars stolen in the Western Europe (especially in Germany) and subsequently detected in Poland. It is worth noting that it was about cars worth more than a billion German marks. Within the framework of that case Robert Schulze founded the office in Warsaw and Gdansk that functioned till 1995. 


Schulze Law Firm appeared in Moscow in 1992. At that moment Robert Schulze was the first and only German lawyer, actively practicing in Russia. 


In 2006, Robert Schulze was accredited by the Federal Registration Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a German lawyer advising Russian and foreign individuals and legal entities in the sphere of German and all-Russian law. 


Mr. Schulze speaks German, English, Spanish and Polish. 


Robert Schulze is a passionate traveler, who has visited more than 120 countries around the world. 

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