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The history of the Company started in Moscow in 1992, when the future partners Robert Schulze and Sergey Brutyan came in the trade department of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Moscow in the same day in search of a partner to create a law firm. Mr. Schulze was looking for a Russian lawyer, well doing in the Russian legal system, and Mr. Brutyan – for a German colleague, practicing in Moscow. In the evening of the same day the future partners reached agreements on all key issues. Thus Schulze Legal Advisory Firm was established, subsequently, in 2008, it was renamed for Schulze Brutyan and Partners. Thus the professional cooperation and friendship have appeared, lasting more than 17 years.

Шульце, Брутян и партнеры

Since the first days of its existence the Company has rapidly developed due to the large number of customers and active participation in international projects.

In 1994 the Consortium for the construction of housing commissioned the CWU ordered Schulze Legal Advisory Firm to get tax exemption for the Housing Program for the Russian military personnel, withdrawn from Germany. Although this tax exemption was promised by the former Soviet Union within the framework of the bilateral agreement, concluded in 1990 between the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, which has allocated funds for humanitarian aid for housing, this provision has not been enshrined in the Russian law. In cooperation with the CWU, the German Bank for Reconstruction (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau AG) of the FRG and the Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as with the State Duma, our Company has fulfilled this request in 1995. The developed draft amendments to certain provisions of the tax laws were adopted by the Duma and have come into force. As a result, the Housing Program for military personnel was fully exempt from taxes. 


In 1996, a law on the new enforcement proceedings was passed in Russia, which however has not told how to exercise the enforcement proceedings in respect of bonds. The lawyers of Schulze Legal Advisory Firm were the first, who were able to successfully fulfill the requirement of the court for the recovery of the expense of bonds.


In 1998 Mr. Robert Schulze as a consultant of the European Commission managed the TACIS Project "Technical Assistance to the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on International Technical and Humanitarian Assistance for the purpose of improving the Legislation on Foreign Assistance and Creation of better Opportunities and Conditions for Foreign Assistance Providers, and for the Russian Recipients". This project was successfully implemented in cooperation with the representatives of the Federation Council in the second half of 1998.


In the same 1998 Schulze Legal Advisory Firm represented the interests of a German company in the case against the Russian state-owned enterprise. On the example of this case the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for the first time formulated a definition of "ordre publique" - "public order", which has been used in the Russian law for a long time, but by that time it had no definition.


From 1999 till the end of 2001 Mr. Robert Schulze in consortium with Dornier System Consult GmbH/Germany, Gibb/United Kingdom and Rotterdam Maritime Group/Netherlands successfully worked on the project "Reorganization of the Transport Sector in the Republic of Azerbaijan" within TACIS Program of the European Union. This project was relating to reorganization and structuring of the Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan.


From 2000 to 2001, Mr. Robert Schulze worked with the Pan Arab Consult Ltd/Kuwait on the project "Reconstruction of Georgian Roads", financed by the funds from the Kuwait Fund.


In 2000 Schulze Legal Advisory Firm for the first time in the history of the Russian law made for a major international concern not only the implementation of the principal debt, but also all the interest thereon. The court decision contained all the interest due to the customer, and what is more important; they have all been fully paid.


Renamed in 2008 for Schulze Brutyan and Partners, the Company has provided and provides a full range of legal services to a great number of large Russian, German and international concerns and companies, including: Daimler AG, Chrysler LLC, Siemens AG, Fresenius AG, Wintershall AG, Dresdner Bank AG, Berliner Wasser Betriebe, „ABB“, „EvoBus GmbH“, „Nestle Food“, die „Vermeer Steinbrück Export GmbH“, „Emch & Berger“, „Schenck Process GmbH“, „Creditreform Deutschland“, „Air Berlin“, „Dürr AG“, “Bomag AG” etc. In addition, both partners are actively involved in different projects of the European Community (TACIS, Bistro, etc.), represent the draft laws to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, work on behalf of the Government of the CIS countries, and carry out scientific and educational outreach activities. 


Schulze Brutyan and Partners Legal Advisory Firm is involved in such organizations such as the Russian-German Forum, the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, European Business Association, the International Bar Association EuroCollectNet, and Twin Cities International Association and others.


Schulze Brutyan and Partners Legal Advisory Firm is a partner of Creditreform RUS - a leading company in the sphere of settlement of the debt commitments and providing business references of all legal entities in Russia and around the world.

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