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Our company realizes recovery of debts in several steps. The first step is an attempt of a settlement of dispute in the frames of a soft collection by settling amicable agreement, full or partial debt recovery. This allows to keep business relations with partners and also to avoid extra charges connected with conduct of the proceedings.

  At this stage we offer our clients such services as: 

- legal consultation;

- examination of validity of a claim;

- check of debtor contract partner;

- preparation of a  claim;

- performing negotiations and communications with a debtor.

If  for some reasons we can’t settle a dispute in the frames of a soft collection, we offer our clients to vindicate claim in a judicial proceeding. 

Detailed selection and studying of a complete set of documents and also taking into account every detail, connected with a case in hand is of great importance.

Our lawyers, having huge experience in representation of foreign companies in Russian and foreign judicial agencies of all authorities, will competently work out relevant legal claims, prepare a complete set of documents for a court examination, file them to the relevant competent court, take part in all court hearings, flexibly and immediately react on statements of a case and judicial acts and will and lead the case to a successful result. 

Taking into account very brief course of court examination in the Russian Federation  in comparison with the majority of countries of Europe and America, our company, as a rule,  timely provides our clients with so necessary for them judicial act, presenting a possibility of factual debt recovery afterwards.



It is not so easy to bear away legal proceedings. However, sometimes it is more difficult to  achieve factual execution of  legally effective court decision.

At the stage of execution proceeding our company offers clients such services as:

• support by collecting additional documentation and information about the financial state of a debtor, presence of a property and  affiliation;

• filing of an application about institution of enforcement proceedings;

• regular communication with the service of  court bailiffs, control over their work efficiency, and if necessary   -  rendering on them the impact given by law for  the quickest decision.

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