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The intellectual property law has developed significantly over the last years. This is connected not only with adoption of the Part Four of the Civil Code and a number of other legislative projects, but also with development of the intellectual property itself all over the world including Russia. As it is known, the Intellectual Property Court has been working in Russia already for several years. Our lawyers conduct many processes for our clients there.


Generally, we manage to settle the suits connected with intellectual property rights amicably. We submit demands in name of our clients about prohibition of illegal using such rights at websites, advertising panels, signs, other advertising of not owned trademarks, logotypes, artworks, names etc. It contributes to a fast achievement of required results. Generally, the inflictors remove another person's trademarks, parts thereof, words and other pictures from Internet-resources, their websites and other advertising media already after the first claim to avoid court proceedings. Certain disputes concerning use/non-use of trademarks, which came to proceedings in Rospatent or corresponding court, inexorably finished with decisions in favour of our company’s clients.


Lately, the lawyers of our company have begun to conduct cases associated with a new branch – Internet Law. In certain cases, it interfaces with criminal law and is touched on within criminal cases. Despite absence of judicial precedents concerning many such issues and, moreover, a clear legislation, our lawyers mostly manage to bring such cases up to their positive finish in favour of our clients.

and many others.
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