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Our company has been actively working with a wide variety of corporate law issues since the first days of its existence. This includes both the primary registration of legal entities in form of limited liability companies, closed and open joint-stock companies, individual entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and funds, and accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies in Russia, registration of branches and liquidation of legal entities, branches and representative offices. Our activity was not less active in the area of corporate reconstruction, reorganization by takeover or spin-off, merger with a wide range of legal forms. The object of our activity was any issue from such details as changing executive body of a legal entity till multistage reorganizing a net of legal entities, holdings.


The issues of internal relations of participants/shareholders are of big importance for a legal entity starting from conducting general meetings with regard to all formal requirements subject to the law. This applies also to quite complicated and often longstanding disputes between shareholders including court proceedings going beyond a normal corporate dispute. The object of such disputes in court are often the size of compensation of the real value of the shares of a participant/shareholder, who has left the company, reasons to exclude a participant from the company, non-core use of financial resources by executive bodies of the company, which often is a participant thereof. 


In such situations, our lawyers often play a role of “mediators”, who try to settle the dispute through persuading and presenting legal arguments to avoid long and costly court procedures. They often manage to do it due to high professional qualification, multi-specialized coordinated team and ability to prove the advantages of amicable settlement. 

We work actively in all areas of the corporate law and we are always glad to perform a highly experienced consultation concerning all its aspects to our clients.

and many others.
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