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An important component of enterprises’ activity is the tax law and all matters connected with tax accounting, balance sheets and tax disputes resulting therefrom in connection with differences in documentation, data, figures and information in possession of a business entity and a tax authority. The main trend of the last decade is a steady growth of enterprises’ attention to tax and accounting reports, increase of costs for their preparation, strengthening attention to the tax aspects of any transactions in light of both their reasonability and correct calculation and payment of taxes.


Nevertheless, there are often disputes between legal entities/individual entrepreneurs and tax authorities, which interpret certain financial indicators and calculated taxes in a different way. Our lawyers perform legal support of our clients’ activities in the area of tax law, which is improved and changed a lot constantly. The tax disputes often lead to a court proceeding, as the clients fail to convince of innocence a tax authority of their arguments’ reasonability during pre-hearing discovery.

Our company has conducted positively several dozens of court suits in the area tax law over the last years, sometimes there were very high claim amounts, which passed all court instances successfully. We are glad to note that the judicial practice becomes more objective and impartial within Russian tax law. The business entities entitled to defend their interests before courts may count on an objective and fair decision. This has been many times evidenced by our lawyers, who achieved a lot of court decisions in favour of our clients.


We are always ready to support our clients concerning any issues of the tax law!

and many others.
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