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Our clients regularly address to us for legal representation of their interest during divorce proceedings, concerning division of property, children support, child custody, paternity examination etc.


Over years of our activity, we have conducted many dozens of court suits associated with matters of all categories and kinds in the area of family law in Russia and abroad. There were some cases among them, where the court proceedings had to be initiated in three different countries, as the spouses  had entered into marriage and lived in one country, purchased real estate in other country, and their children lived in a third country. Despite the conflict of law, our lawyers honourably managed to achieve positive result on all three processes and to satisfy the client’s needs.


With due regard to a practical approach to solving any issues including issues of the family law, our lawyers try to give top priority to result, which is to be achieved. Here we often have to give detailed oral and written consultations until a client ventures upon some concrete steps. That is understandable, for it is referred to personal matters. That is why any issue appears to be extremely important and sensible! 


We are always glad to consult our clients concerning all issues of the family law so that they have a correct idea about rights, obligations, legal reality, prospects etc. 

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