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Our clients often address to us concerning various issues of criminal law of the RF, especially regarding their criminal defence. These are cases connected with traffic accidents with foreign citizens, crimes against person, stealing etc. But the large majority of criminal cases conducted by our lawyers are associated with economic crimes, for example, excess of powers at position held, improper use of financial resources by an executive body, premeditated bankruptcy, tax evasion, conversion and waste, fraud etc. 

Generally, in such case, economical and legal aspects also are very important. As a result, such criminal cases often are intertwined with civil suits.

Our lawyers have a longstanding experience of such suits without regard to the fact, on which part they act: on the part of the injured enterprise/shareholder/participant or on the part of the suspect/accused. With regard to the circumstances, they almost always manage either to bring the case to a judicial act and to receive a significant part of the stolen property or at least to achieve punishment for the convict.

Our lawyers always are ready to provide legal assistance to our clients concerning complex issues of the criminal law!

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