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The lawyers of Schulze&Brutyan have many years’ experience in representing interests in arbitration and tribunal courts both in Russia and abroad, representing clients’ interests in international commercial arbitration courts. Also we consult our clients on a wide range of issues of the arbitration law, including issues of processing arbitration according to the ICAC rules. The work in this law area virtually always is connected with such branches as contractual, corporate, city-planning, proprietary and leasing rights as well as debt collection.


Since many years, the lawyers of Schulze&Brutyan have been working in arbitration not only on in-country disputes, but they have also wide knowledge and experience of maintaining proceedings concerning foreign trade transactions using various regulations of the international private law. We conduct cases according to regulations of many arbitration authorities of the world including worldwide known bodies and organizations such as London Court of International Arbitration, Paris Court of International Arbitration, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Arbitration Court of Association of European Businesses (AC AEB), German Institute of Arbitration, International Court of Commercial Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, International Court of Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia as well as many arbitration courts of regional significance.


Our lawyers successfully participate in settlement of disputes according to regulations of both continental and common law. They bring decisions in favour of our clients to the targeted result during enforcement proceeding after end of arbitration process.


Lawyer Robert Schulze has been appointed as President of the AC AEB.

and many others.
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