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The contractual law is one of the main practices of Schulze&Brutyan. We have been consulting our clients and representing their interest in this area of law since beginning of our activity. That is why we have a great experience in agreeing and developing contracts as well as changing and amending already developed contracts of any kind including external trade contracts of sale and purchase, public-private partnership contracts.


The main work policy in this area is preparing such wordings, which to the fullest extent exclude any possibility of disputes or double interpretation in the future. We include into agreement clear and explicit wordings excluding possible disputes on the agreement.


The lawyers of Schulze&Brutyan have many years’ experience in preparing contracts in many languages for international clients, who always take into account all substitutions and changes in the current law.


A partner of the company, lawyer Robert Schulze, often makes reports on the said legal topics both in Russia and abroad.

and many others.
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