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Our lawyers have a great work experience in all set of issues connected with the consumer rights protection law.

We have been conducting many suits on the part of manufacturers, importers and sellers of goods and services already since middle 90s. Almost all cases have been finished successfully.

As of some time, more cases connected with consumer interest protection appeared. The law changed significantly during the last years. The provisions in defence of consumer interest toughened. Despite this, we virtually defend legal interests of both parties with hundred per cent result, and by this we strictly follow the principle of no conflict.

In name of several large concerns, we have achieved the purpose that the decisions of courts of general jurisdiction, which denied claims of customers, have come into legal force.

Due to efforts of our lawyers, we often can achieve agreement between the parties during settlement agreement with finding areas of common interest between consumer and manufacturer, importer or seller. In many instances, such settlement is easier as a court proceeding. 


We are ready to provide comprehensive legal support concerning all aspects of consumer rights.

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