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Our founder Mr Robert Schulze commented the Russian law concerning foreign investments already in early 90s. He was one of the first foreign lawyers who submitted proposal on its improvement and modification. The investment law is among the main objects of our activity, as it is largely directly associated with legal support for the activity of foreign and foreign-funded companies in Russia.

During our longstanding activity, we had to address a wide variety of issues connected with investment processes. Particularly, these are creation of new foreign-funded enterprises, their roll-out in Russia, legal support during their further activity, acquisition of new enterprises by way of merger and takeover, development of conceptual approaches to enterprises introduction into separate economic branches, investments into these branches, execution of concessionary agreements, joint-cooperation of Russian and foreign enterprises as well as many other issues directly or not associated with the said processes. 


During investing, foreign companies face a wide range of problems interfacing with corporate, contractual, labour and tax, customs and other branches of administrative law. Frequently, there are contradictory situations, which require an immediate legal interference including initiation of legal actions.


The main feature of our lawyers’ work in this area is the ability to see and to solve each problem as a whole, coupled with other, neighbour problems.

and many others.
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